This is an in memoriam and visual - chronicle website.
A historical, long effort of Mr. Arthur A.M. Thuijs, a Dutch Architect, with the loyal support of his Dutch wife Ms. Maria Louisa Thuijs - Driessen and their six children.

1960—1974 From childhood - until adulthood, we children worked along with the building of miniature cities and our 54 replica buildings during the years 1958 -1973.

1972 Father proudly said during an interview that he could never have built this independent work, with all the financial consequences, without the loyal support of his Dutch wife Maria Louisa and their six children.

1973 We loyally chose for our father and a temporary five-year lease of the family business to the Great Adventure park in New Jersey in America.

1974, January, The Dutch family business, Miniatura Cosmorama, relocated from Holland to the United States.

1974, April in the States, the relationship and contact with the Dutch family completely ended when in 1974 the German-American wife Trudy entered in Arthur A.M. Thuijs life, and simultaneously in their historical Dutch family company, with all financial implications for his Dutch family.
Since that time, the lives of his children are completely destroyed, they were immensely saddened by the loss of their father. There was a ban to see and visit him. Out of respect for their mother, his Dutch wife, living in the Netherlands, they conformed to it.
They invested their entire childhood, adolescent and young adult years with unpaid work in their family business and historical replicas, with complete loyalty to both parents. During the divorce of their parents, they were used as weapons and as such the victims of their parents with their family business and historical replicas.

1983, December, The historical family business, the Model Town replica’s, Cosmorama Miniatura, was relocated with a new name, Miniature Kingdom, on Route 31 South Washington New Jersey 07882 USA.

1984 After the opening of the historical Model Town, with the historical replica's, father Mr. Arthur A.M. Thuijs fell into a coma and died on Route 31 South Washington New Jersey 07882 USA.

Arthur A.M. Thuijs.
The man with the skills and the patience of a medieval monk.

Source text: Carla Catalani
Photo: Jaap Pieper

1984 "I have said all, Arthur A.M. Thuijs has no kids, and this stands for the future!"
1984, # Original text of a handwritten letter from the -us-widow Trudy Thuijs: "I have said all, Arthur A.M. Thuijs has no kids, and this stands for the future. The miniatures buildings, are now for me and nobody else!".

1984 > Source photo: Pleasure Hunt Magazine. Trudy Thuijs beside her buildings, the Cathedral of assumption of the Holy Virgin. The photograph is also used as FAX-cover page with the offer of sale of all the Historical replicas, Miniature Kingdom, asking Price; 395.000,- US Dollar. {Date September 12, 1995}

1984 < Arthur A.M. Thuijs is buried next to his Miniature Kingdom on Route 31, South Washington, New Jersey 07882 USA.

# Comment will follow.
1984 "I have said all, Arthur A.M. Thuijs has no kids, and this stands for the future!"
Our sadness will pass into good memories.
Father isn't deceased, of what we are he is a part!

This in memoriam,
and this visual-chronicle website is an eternal souvenir for everyone.
And a great keepsake for all his grandchildren.

But especially and for the most, for his 6 "forgotten" children.

We continue to search for information abou the 54 Dutch - historical - replicas - buildings, built from 1957 to 1974, named COSMORAMA MINIATURA < renamed in 1983 to > MINIATURE KINGDOM.

Help us, to find and collect, important photos or information relating to these 54 historical miniature buildings, we will post here!

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Many thanks in advance from the children of Mr Arthur A.M. Thuijs for all information made available.