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Multiart Thuijs Model Design in The Hague, eu.
Arthur A.M. Thuijs was born in 1923 - 16 November in Bussum, Holland, eu.
His grandfather had a paint factory in Hilversum, His father had a toy-shop in Bussum.
This formed the perfect roots for a young and creative mind.

One of many children, he learned to work hard at early age his skills as an artist and craftsman were utilized from young age. As a small boy he made toys so beautiful that barely dry, they were offered for sale, very quickly in the toy-shop of his father.

Father has often told this story to us, it made him sad.
And ever will history repeat itself as in a real Hollywood - film script described in text and pictures.

1945: Short after World War 2,
Arthur A.M. Thuijs started his own music band. The group called themselves "The Rhythm Stars".

Arthur sang and after the performances he listened at night for the newest American tunes through the radio, so he could play them in the band the next day.
The Rhythm Stars travelled throughout the country and played mainly on the many liberation celebrations. During their performance in Assen, Drenthe met Arthur a nice girl from Venlo in Holland.

She is a cheerful girl and charmed by this talented, handsome artist.
She was a spicy girl and very much charmed by this talented, handsome performer.

Very soon there were wedding plans and Arthur A.M. Thuijs from Bussum, with his wife Maria Louisa Thuijs-Driessen, from Limburg, settled down in The Hague.

< Especially when subsequently one by one we came, five girls and one son.
And a half dozen children that's a real good start for their parents.
1952: Our Parents started, very soon as an independent, with their own Design-Advice- and Architectural Model Construction bureau, with the company name: Multiart - Thuijs in The Hague. From then on they could, as an independent enterpriser, provide their own architectural models.

< This handmade clock is a nice gift for their first son. They were very happy with the birth of the Junior babyboy Arthur Thuijs.

< Father with his Miniature models when this was loaded on the truck with, The Blijdorp Zoo, Rotterdam in miniature created.

The ”Revièrahal with tower”, the Lion’s building, The Bear building, the Reptile house and 8 animal buildings were in that time delivered to Madurodam.
All Miniature models were made in the measurements of 1:25.

< > When we were little, we could see very clearly, from behind our windows, how many beautiful architectural models of father Arthur, were driven away on many big trucks to the new model town Madurodam.
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