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Multiart Thuijs works in Austria, eu.
1958: Austria - Den Haag, Holland. The Architectural Model Design bureau, Multiart in The Hague in the Netherlands, build, together with a crew of 25 people, a big stock of buildings for the Miniature town Minimundus in Austria, eu.

2008: the small world at Lake Wörthersee, was established by the foundation “Rettet das Kind”. (It means safe the child) Their objective still has a pedagogic, social and cultural value to get acquainted with famous buildings.
When all the buildings were placed in the train.

And very soon the voyage, with all these beautiful miniature buildings, could start to the Austrian miniature town in Klagenfurt.
< With a last approving glance of father at his "Multiart Thuijs Model Design miniature buildings".

> In the beginning of the sixties Model Design bureau, Multiart Thuijs built another beautiful showpiece for Minimundus in Austria, eu. The Kurhaus of Wiesbaden.
1963, Source, Klagenfurter Volks newspaper:
Wiesbadens Landmark on the Wörthersee.! As a token of real friendship between the two cities of Klagenfurt and Wiesbaden.

The "the Kurhaus of Wiesbaden" was, by Oberbürgermeister (Mayor) Buch personally, handed over to the miniature town of Minimundus in Austria, eu.

With a special personal word of thanks for the creator, "The Architectural Model bureau, Multiart in The Hague in the Netherlands Arthur A.M. Thuijs", who had built these 80 square meters Beautiful of miniature building in the measurements of 1:25.
< > Multiart Thuijs Model Design: details of the model, The Kurhaus van Wiesbaden.
< 1957: Den Haag , eu. Between all these activities, music still is of great interest to father Thuijs.

> 1972: Valkenburg. eu. Every ”stolen hour” was in close family filled with music, with sounds also of Caesar Frank, fathers’ favourite composer.
Source photo 1972: Jaap Pieper.
> Mother Maria Louisa Thuijs - Driessen, together with her six children.
Our ”official” family picture from the Netherlands for father Arthur A.M. Thuijs. A sweet "forget-me-not" which father took with him, during his work at Minimundus in Austria, eu.

But then, there was a small family holyday, to live closer to Austria and for more Possibilities of work of our Model Construction bureau, Multiart.

Our choice fell upon Garching, nearby Munich, in the deep south of Germany, eu.
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