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Multiart Thuijs works on their Model Town in Aachen, Germany, eu.
1965-1970: The Bergcafe "The Mountain cafe" Gymenicher weg 8, Vaalserqartier nearby Aachen, Germany , eu.
The interior architecture of the café was a real feast for the eyes. All Furniture was made by hand by our father Arthur A.M. Thuijs.
This time, our skills were utilized to assist father for his Masterpiece of this great Design plan.

The cafe and restaurant part were done at first, so that these could be reopened as soon as possible.
For our first income cash, we started with the existing 3-cafe areas. With handcraft will makes it till a beautiful Design Cafe.
The Bierstube came to the front,
the Winestube in the 2nd space
and the Saddlebar was situated in the tower at the back.This tower used to serve as a watchtower for the German customs authorities. This was because there was a very popular smugglers route at the Three Countries between Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.
De Bierstube, Die Künstler Klause.
Our "Artist Klause" was solely created in an elegant country house–style.
The master table with the chairs around it.
The tables, the benches, the cushions, even the paintings included, all was made by ourselves.
The Wine stube.
The Master table with chairs. The tables and benches, the cushions with the little canopies.

With a glass of good wine you can enjoyed by all handmade art. One typical Mediterranean appearance is also on the tops of each bank. The intense flaming by fusing of colours of all the hand-painted flowers.
Die Sattelbar, "The Saddle bar", looks like a classy Court of Horses.

With it's artistic feeling, came on the top side of the bar 14 different wooden stripes. With varied Exotic wood as Cherry, Oak, Mahogany, Essen, Beech, Maple, Limba, Iroko, Teak, Lumber Walnut and Wenge.
De Sattelbar.
> 1965: The bar stool was as an elegant horse.
< 2010: Today, only the cat Marceline sits on the last bar stool.

> Along the walls the presentation of the Forest - Hunting and Wildlife paintings.
< This luxurious furniture of mahogany wood seems as a sort of container. Everything was consistently carried out in artistic form.

> The mahogany table tops is full poured with Oats in polyester resin.
< Even our little doors of the bar cupboard father had curved and edged with a groove in a matching decoration.

> 1965–1969: Daughter Karenza "Die Kati", as fathers oldest daughter Karenza was called.
< 1966: Mother Maria Louisa Thuijs on the terrace or the cafe, with daughter Karenza and daughter Anuschka.

> Father as a "Womanizer". Like moths around a candle beautiful ladies sat around him. Particularly, if he on the Hammond organ had played.
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