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Multiart Thuijs works on their Model Town in Germany, eu.
1965: the realization of our miniature town near Aachen for our miniature city.
Our parents were very committed to this goal. And since the 6 children with the ideals of the parents were raised, they all could well understand that this with hard work, will be done After school, everyone got and did their task We work in the park or assist our father with the construction of our miniature buildings. Seven days a week, in wind, rain or shine, from the early dawn to late at night. A fulltime three - year job. And on Saturday and Sundays the work in the cafe and the kitchen.

The whole area has been divided into three height levels. This plateau area was necessary for all the miniature buildings clearly visible to place.
< The design of the area, in there were situated the terrace, three flowerbeds and two, long high walls.

> The walls and fences we made of tree trunks. These we fetched from the wood at the back. The tree trunks were stripped bare by hand and then were sawn at length. We started with the first plateau.
We dug with a spade a hole of 60 centimeter deep. In these holes the bare tree trunks were vertically placed in concrete. Between these vertical trunks we piled up the rest of the tree trunks.

< The 13-year-old son Arthur Jr and the 14-year-old daughter Marie-Louise after school we finished the walls.
< 1965: after, that these two walls were stained and finished with a concrete kerbstone. Slowly, during many laborious working days, there came into being our endless, meters long walls.

> 1968: Picture after the opening of our Miniature City, with our "Multiart Thuijs Model, the Castle Neuschwanstein".
< The wooden tree wall was filled with earth at the back. That is how the 2nd plateau developed.

< And for the 13 year old son Arthur junior, another working summer almost had gone by.
< When the first wall was finished, the lower path, the first three flowerbeds and the terrace were realised.

For hardening the paths, we first had to trundle many wheelbarrows loaded with bricks to the spot, where they were placed like a jigsaw puzzle on the roads. for the foundation of the paths.
When the lower path was paved with stones, a sand layer came on top, The electricity wiring for the illumination came underground.

< The terrace before opening.
> The terrace after opening: always cosily attended, and our Multiart Thuijs Model, The Bank Building.
For the last, the 3rd plateau luckily, there was an excavator available to equalized the upper area. On this 3rd plateau came also many paths and beds with our Miniature buildings.

> Then father and the 11-year-old daughter Anuschka Thuijs on the upper-field.
< On the 3rd plateau, all paths, beds, and also flowerbeds were finished with a layer of concrete. After that all the edges of the flower beds were nicely finished with ornamental stones.

> Our last job was a big entrance to our miniature-town and the terrace.
< >1968: a picture of our entrance, for the official opening of our Miniature City Town DREILÄNDERBLICK in Vaalserquartier nearby Aachen.
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